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Riding Tips / Advocacy

I strongly urge everyone that enjoys cycling to be active in bicycle advocacy. There are many internet sites that provide great information about the subject.

There are also opportunities for you make a tangible difference in a very simple way, such as the day I noticed that a particular traffic light would never recognize that I was waiting for it to change. Each citiy and county has a transportation department that relies on citizens to inform them of maintenance needs. Many of these issues may not get addressed unless you speak up. Here are some examples:

  • Traffic lights that won't detect a waiting bicycle
  • Shoulder issues such as potholes or debris often don't get attention becuase they're off the main roadway
  • Old style drain grates that can catch a bike wheel
  • Seams in concrete roads that are just wide enough to catch a bike tire

It's easy to make a difference in your community. Something as simple as a phone call can save a cyclists life or prevent serious injury.

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